Caracolomobile at YouTube

Caracolomobile na exposição Emoção Art.ficial 5, Instituto CulturalItaú


Projeto  inicial:

Caracolomobile is an artwork that goes further into the concept of artificial organisms that have flexible and organic structures. It has a affective interface to control some of the processes happening inside it. The affective interface will allow the organism to answer expressively to the participants through sounds while the organism unfolds. The sounds are answers to the interactors´ inner emotional states. These states result in biometric signals, which will be captured through a skin resistant galvanometer, taken to a microchip for filtering and controlling the interface. The Caracolomobile structure is composed by a set of varied pyramids that unfold forming a logarithmic curve. The pyramids are articulated by rubber muscles that folds and unfolds following the movement of a inflated tube that dilates and contracts. It will be covered with a material responsive to black light allowing it to light up. Although being very ordinary, these procedures create a very poetic solution.


Tania Fraga, architect and artist, holds a PhD. of Communication and Semiotics, from PUC/SP; is the vice-president of the Institute of Mathematics and Art, Sao Paulo. In 2010-2011 she developed a Post Doctoral research at ECA-USP with a research grant from FAPESP and in1999 another at CAiiA-STAR, UK.; She was Professor and coordinator of the Graduation Studies of the Art Institute at University of Brasilia, Brazil, where she is Associated Researcher. She has been showing and publishing her work in many national and international exhibitions, lectures, workshops, seminars and congresses.

Posted in art, art and technology, BCI, Brain Computer Interface, Brazilian Computer Art, computer art

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